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This is meant to be a FUN community! Have you ever mooned, flashed a boob, discreetly spread your pantiless legs (while wearing a skirt) while a camera was there or for the camera out in public? This is the community for you!

We are not looking for "Girls Gone Wild" type photographs, but real women (and possibly men) taking a shot at it and doing something daring. Whether you did it drunk or sober, as long as your sober enough to make an adult decision before posting the picture for us to see, that's what matters. If you're 18 now, you must be 18 at the time you took the picture.

Remember the pictures must be of you. Now go out and have fun. Even the most shy of us, like me, have done it. But don't forget to use the lj-cut and follow the "Friends Only" rule.

Safe Hosts For Your Pics

• Administrator: caged_gypsy

Yes, every Community must have their rules
• First and foremost this is an Adult Community. That means you must be 18+ to join. Your birthday must appear in your profile to show you are of legal age. Please try to keep your birthday listed in your profile at all times at least your year, unless you're 18, then the entire date should remain.

• All images must be placed behind the LJ cut and all posts must be placed under "Friends Only". If this is forgotten you will be reminded. If it is ignored your post will be removed.

You may only post pictures of you and no one else. NO PICTURES taken from the web. No nude beaches or any place where it's legal to take clothes off.

Do not pressure any women (or men) to share pictures outside of the group. If anyone is pressuring you, please email me at caged_gypsy@hotmail.com. A warning will be given. If it continues they will be removed.

Be respectful. People come in all shapes and sizes as well hairiness to baldness. Rude posts will only be tolerated so much. Anonymouse insults will be automatically deleted.

How To lj-cut

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